DermaMedics Hydrating Body Lotion




This body lotion helps replenishes the moisture lost from your skin throughout the day and provides long-lasting moisturization to help keep the skin soft and smooth. It is rich in natural oils and humectants. Fast absorbing and non-greasy.



Your skin is exposed to the changing and harsh conditions of the environment all day long. This can lead to severe skin dryness and damage to the skin’s protective surface barrier. DermaMedics’ Hydrating Body Lotion Hydrating Body Lotion is formulated with a high level of skin friendly oils and lipids that not only helps replenish the moisture lost from your skin throughout the day but also provides a long-lasting moisture barrier to help prevent water loss from the skin’s surface. By absorbing quickly, it can provide refreshing rehydration without feeling sticky or leaving a film on your skin. Hydrating Body Lotion contains Therosole®, a patent pending botanically derived antioxidant that can inactivate free radicals produced by exposure of skin to environmental stressors such as sun, wind, and pollution. Therosol® has been clinically proven to improve skin dryness and texture and to reduce the appearance of redness over a four week period.


After cleansing, apply generously and evenly to the body, particularly to dry, rough areas exposed to the environment. For best results apply twice daily. It is gentle enough to apply as often as necessary to soften and moisturize skin. As with any skin care product, discontinue use if irritation develops.


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