What do you do if you no longer want to be reminded of your youthful indiscretion every time you look in the mirror? That tattoo you got in your twenties may not seem as charming in your thirties or forties. Thankfully, we now have the QX-MAX laser, the highest performance single-pulse Q-Switched laser on the market. That means we are able to more efficiently target and disrupt a larger variety of multi-colored tattoos and lesions.

The new QX-MAX laser tattoo removal system is a more efficient laser treatment that allows us to more effectively treat complex, multi-colored tattoos in fewer sessions. It’s not pain free, but most patients compare it to the feeling of getting the tattoo initially. Remember how impressed you were when your tattoo was first done? Now imagine how satisfied you’ll be when that tattoo is gone.

But the QX-MAX laser isn’t just for removing tattoos. We can also work on actinic-keratosis, Nevus of Ota, pigmented lesions, and freckle removal. See the results in our collection of Before and After photos below.

Want to see the new laser in action? In the following video, Kathy Walsh of CBS Denver reports on Dr. David Verbely’s use of the QX-MAX laser treatment. Dr. Verbely was the first in the nation to use the new laser tattoo removal device.